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Corporate partnerships

Join us in protecting elephants and show your support through your business




Follow an elephant’s journey

Want to follow your own elephant’s journey? Fahlo’s Expedition Bracelet comes with an experience that will last all year: the ability to track a wild elephant online. The Expedition Bracelet includes your elephant’s name, photo, history, and the ability to see where he or she travels throughout their African habitat. Fahlo donates 10% of profits from every Expedition Bracelet to Save the Elephants.

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Organic skincare

One of the world’s leading organic cosmetic brands, Mad Hippie makes natural skincare and beauty products with a social and environmental conscience. They are committed to offering safe and effective skincare without the use of parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes, and other chemicals, with $1 from every online purchase donated to support elephants and other conservation efforts.

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For the music lover in your life

With over 25 years in the music business, Mammoth puts on shows for a variety of artists from folk, country, rock, pop, EDM, metal, and indie! Your support for Musicians stretches further than the event itself – $0.50 per ticket purchased on Mammoth ticketed events supports Save the Elephants, the global water crisis, and local outreach in Kansas City.

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Good clothes for a good cause

Clothing brand Ivory Ella was established in 2015 and has been a long time supporter of Save the Elephants. Ivory Ella’s vision is to be a force for nature and to inspire customers to make a difference in the world by making responsible, sustainable designs and supporting a mission that’s close to our hearts. Ivory Ella donates 10% of profits to support Save the Elephants and other charitable causes.

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Raise a toast for tembos

Save the Elephants is proud to partner with Delirium Beer from Brewery Huyghe. Delirium is a range of Belgian ales and is the top specialty export beer brand in the world, shipping to over 100 countries. To celebrate Save the Elephant day on April 16th, we are delighted that Delirium Beers has chosen to partner with Save the Elephants!

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For you and your home

Founded in 2006, Ortigia is a luxury Italian soap and scent company. Their bespoke range of soaps, scents, creams, candles, and lotions are formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily and inspired by the aesthetics, colours, and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region.

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