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Scientific Publications

Extracting Identifying Contours For African Elephants And Humpback Whales Using A Learned Appearance Model (2020)

Weideman, H., Stewart, C., Parham, J., Holmberg, J., Flynn, K., Calambokidis, J., Paul, D, B., Bedetti, A., Henley, M., Lepirei, J., Pope F.

IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)

This paper addresses the problem of identifying individual animals in images based on extracting and matching contours, focusing in particular on the trailing edges of humpback whale flukes and the outline of the ears of African savanna elephants.

Comparing An Automated High-definition Oblique Camera System To Rear-seat-observers In A Wildlife Survey In Tsavo, Kenya: Taking Multi-species Aerial Counts To The Next Level (2019)

Lamprey, R., Pope F., Ngene, S.M.,, Norton-Griffith, M., Frederick, H., Okita-Ouma, B., Douglas-Hamilton I.

Biological Conservation

In aerial wildlife counts, human observers often fail to detect animals. We conducted a multi-species sample-count in Tsavo National Park, Kenya, with traditional rear-seat-observers (RSOs) and an automated ‘oblique-camera-count’ (OCC) imaging system to c