10 Elephants Killed in Mozambique Reserve


Eyewitness News 

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At least 10 elephants have been killed by poachers in the Niassa Reserve in Mozambique over the past week.

Elephant poaching is a huge concern in that country with the government announcing last year that it had lost 48 percent of its elephant population in just five years.

These are worrying figures from the Niassa Game Reserve, a vast wilderness area in the north of Mozambique. Noticias Online said that poachers had killed 10 elephants in the last week.

That represents a loss of at least 2.7 million metacais to the authorities but the loss to the park will go well beyond that.

The paper said that poachers had killed 180 elephants in the park since January.

Last year, Mozambique’s total elephant population was estimated to be around 10,300 well below that of neighbouring Zimbabwe.