2 arrested for smuggling 5kg ivory in UP (State of Uttar Pradesh, India)


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New Delhi: Two men were arrested by police in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh for allegedly smuggling 5kg ivory, an NGO working for animal rights said here today.

The traffickers were arrested by the Special Task Force of the Uttar Pradesh Police, with the help of NGO Wildlife SOS and the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, according to a statement by the NGO.

“They were arrested while travelling in an SUV from Pratapgarh to Allahabad,” the statement quoted Arvind Chaturvedi, Additional Superintendent of Police of the UP STF, as saying.

A non-bailable warrant had been pending against one of the accused for illegally holding an elephant captive, the NGO claimed.

“It appeared that the accused chopped off the elephant’s tusk for ivory. The ivory has been seized by the police,” the statement added.