2 elephant calves found dead (Idukki, India)


The Hindu

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Two elephant calves were found dead at Chinnakanal 301 Colony on
Thursday and Friday, raising concerns of a viral disease in the

On Thursday, a three-year-old calf was found dead by the local
tribesmen, who informed the Devikulam range office. A team under
veterinary surgeon Selvam conducted a post-mortem examination.

On Friday, a five-year-old calf was also found dead at the same place.
A veterinary team under C.F. Jayakumar from the Konni forest division
conducted an autopsy.

Mr. Jayakumar on Saturday said the deaths were caused by herpesvirus,
a haemorrhagic disease affecting Asian elephants.

Devikulam range officer C.K. Ajay Ghosh said the viral disease was
found among elephant calves and they would take steps to prevent it
from spreading to other areas.

The 301 Colony, set up to rehabilitate landless tribespeople, is under
constant threat from wild elephants. Following a number of fatalities,
many had abandoned the settlement.

It is an elephant corridor and there had been proposals for evacuating
people from the area.