2 Jumbos Stray into Villages in Mandya (India)


The Times of India

Date Published

After a lull, two wild tuskers on Tuesday stormed into Malavalli taluk
of the district, making villagers run for cover. Forest department
sources said it isn’t uncommon to find wild elephants straying into
the fringes of Shimsha and Muttatti forest areas.

Sources said the elephants, which are believed to have strayed in from
Shimsha forests, are roaming about in Marenahalli and surrounding
villages, damaging crops. The elephants were found deep in sugarcane
fields and the forest department’s efforts to send them back into the
woods have failed.

“The elephants haven’t harmed humans. As long as elephants aren’t
provoked, they are unlikely to target humans. People must cooperate
with the department in such situations,” a forest officer said.