2016 Presidential Gabon: a violent reaction of the people against the procession of Ali Bongo Ondimba sow panic in the city of Ogooué-Lolo (Republic of the Congo)


Agence d’Information d’Afrique Centrale/Brazzaville  

Date Published

To show their displeasure at the resistance of the close security guards of President Ali Bongo Ondimba, who prohibited women victims from making their voices heard regarding the devastation of their fields by elephants, particularly by applying directly to their candidate, the procession of the candidate in the future presidential election of August 27, 2016, was sprayed with stones, thrown after his speech. This happened in the locality of Ogooué-lolo, located in the department of Mulundu.

According to the facts, a group of about three hundred women from the locality of Lastourville— composed of victims of the devastation of the fields by elephants protected by the government of the Republic—had for three months requested compensation from the government, to no avail. The arrival of President of the Republic, a candidate for his own succession in this locality, was for them a good opportunity to express their concerns to the appropriate person. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they came peacefully to their candidate Ali Bongo Ondimba, these women, the majority of whom were elderly, were beaten, and hunted with batons and tear-gas jets. Unhappy with the treatment meted out to this group of women, others attending the meeting decided to react and retaliate. The situation had the Gabonese president facing an angry mob. IN particular, the vehicle of the candidate Ali Bongo Ondimba was stoned by the people.

Pondering and indignant about the tragic event, a local resident recognized that elephants, being protected by the government, are central to the problem. “These elephants have destroyed their plantations, these women have the right to claim compensation. For it is to protect the environment, including elephants, but human life is more important than that of an elephant,” he concluded.