45-yr-old man killed in elephant attack (Kolabira, India)


Orissa Post

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A man was killed after he was attacked by a tusker at Kolabira region in Jharsuguda district Saturday. The deceased was identified as Kastu Kishan (45) of Badabahal Aetapada village under Kolabira block. The incident occurred while Kishan along with neighbour Prafulla Kishan had been to his farm. Meanwhile, the two came face-to-face with a tusker while they were returning home near Baghiaberna forest.

The two tried to run away to save their lives but in vain. The tusker lifted Kishan and battered him leaving him critically injured while Prafulla managed to climb up a tree and shouted for help. Failing to get Prafulla, the pachyderm strayed into a nearby forest near Samasinha region. Later, Prafulla got down the tree and brought Kishan to the village on his shoulder.

However, he died mid-way before reaching the village. Meanwhile, the tusker also reportedly made an attempt to kill two bike-borne youths near Samasinha region, sources said. Fearing for life, the motorists fled leaving the vehicles behind.

A team of forest officials reached the spot and launched an inquiry. It may be noted that a traditional healer, Pabitra Mohan Naik (56), of Kulihamal under Kolabira forest area had been killed in elephant attack September 25. He fell victim to pachyderm while he had been to collect herbal medicines from the forest.

The incidents have spread terror among locals who condemned the negligence of forest officials and demanded efforts to drive away the tusker.