5bn/- ivory case against 3 Chinese nationals set for later this month (Tanzania)


By Karama Kenyunko, IPP Media

Date Published

5bn/- illegal possession of government trophies case levied against three Chinese nationals is set to continue on May 13 and 14 this year, yet another postponement after repeated previous adjournments due to absence of the Magistrate.

The prosecution led by Principal State Attorney Tumaini Kweka yesterday brought the case before Principal Resident Magistrate Isaya Arufani for mention and for the setting of a hearing date.

The accused Chinese nationals are Huang Gin (50), Xu Fujie (22) and Chen Jinzhan (31).

It was earlier alleged that the accused committed the offence on November 2, this year, at Kifaru Street, Mikocheni B in Kinondoni District. 

It was further alleged that on the said date, the accused, jointly and together, were found in unlawful possession of 706 pieces of elephant tusks without a permit from the Director of wildlife
The government trophies weighed 1,889kgs and have been determined to be worth 5,435,865,000/-and represent the slaughter of up to 400 elephants. 

Police report that on the material day and upon search of the premises, the tusks were found hidden in sacks of garlic at the house of the Chinese suspects.

On another count, it was alleged that on the same date and place the accused were found in unauthorized possession of army ammunition without having an arms license.

The accused are also reported to have attempted bribing the arresting officers sums up to 30.25m/-. The arresting officers were ASP Heri Joel Lugaye, D 3746 Detective Sergent Gerwin and Simon Saye who were accompanied by several other unformed policemen.