72-Year-Old Man Killed by Jumbo (Nyahururu) 


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Transport was paralyzed along Nyahururu-Rumuruti road after the residents of Silale village, Igwamiti ward in Laikipia County barricaded the road to protest after a resident was killed by an elephant.

The fateful incident that happened on Thursday morning got the residents lamenting that over five villagers have been killed and others paralyzed by frequent elephant attacks in the recent past.

They said that their efforts to ask for fencing and compensation from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) have bore no fruit.

The residents threatened to maim the elephants that have frequently destroyed their crops if no action shall be taken by the KWS.

The village chairman, Olobenyo Jackson, said that they are not going to watch as the elephants kill them and destroy their farms without taking any action.

Another resident identified as Pastor Ewat complained that the government had no regard for their life and dignity.

The protest was however called off after the KWS officers and police from Nyahururu police station arrived at the scene and cleared the road.

According to the Nyandarua Warden Gabriel Kioo, KWS has already processed 103 forms for compensation involving Nyandarua and parts of Laikipia West.

He also asked anyone who had filled the compensation forms to follow it up.

The warden also cautioned the residents against provoking or harming the elephants.

The claims are totaling to Sh32.8 Million for Nyandarua and parts of Laikipia.