A herd of elephants destroyed fields of food in Mount Péko Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast)


Rumeurs d’Abidjan

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Rough translation from French, see link for original in French. 


Duékoué A herd of elephants “completely” destroyed the fields of food in the Mountain National Park Péko (West Region Guémon), learned AIP Wednesday during a review workshop of the Board Ivorian parks and reserves (OIPR) on the evacuation of the site.
According to the commander and chief of the western area of OIPR, Zanou Moses is in a patouille that agents responsible for monitoring discovered the destruction of fields by elephants. They also indicated the presence buffalo and chimpanzees and other animals in this place. According Zanou commander, animals found “little-by-little security” within the park, and come out of hiding after several deterrent patrols who license away occupants of the site and poachers.