A Senegalese sentenced to 40 days in prison for trafficking in protected species (Gabon)


Gabon Actu

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Libreville, Gabon (Gabonactu.com) – Senegalese Ibrahima Touré Sylla, 44, a jeweler, was given a prison sentence of 40 days for trafficking trophies of protected species, reports the NGO Conservation Justice.  Owner of the jewelry store “Southern Cross” in the 4th district of the capital of Gabon, Ibrahima Touré Sylla was arrested on August 12.

At the time of his arrest he was in possession of two tusks with an estimated weight of ivory of 7kg, 24 panther teeth, 3 elephant tails, and 50 bracelets made of elephant hair and ivory. In addition to the prison sentence, he is sentenced to pay 2 million CFA in damages and interest plus 50 thousand CFA in fines.

The NGO Conservation Justice considers this punishment too lenient. It demands the maximum penalty to deter other traffickers.