Abandoned elephant calf rescued (Udhagamandalam, India)


Times of India

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An abandoned elephant calf was rescued by forest officials in Sirumugai forests on Friday.

The calf, just 10 days old, was found abandoned at Thattapallam beat in the Sirumugai range while the forest staff were on patrol. The forest staff informed the higher officials on sighting the calf around 10 am.

S.Ramasubramanian, DFO, Coimbatore division, rushed to the spot with a team of forest officials. “It is just a 10-day old calf and seemed very weak. A day-long wait for its mother went in vain,” said Manoharan, Sirumugai forest range officer.

During the day, the calf was fed milk and glucose water. “Later, it was decided that the it could be sent to the elephant camp at Theppakadu in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in the Nilgiris,” added the forest range officer.

Around 4 pm, the male elephant calf was transported to Theppakadu in a truck. The animal was expected to reach the elephant camp in the night”, said the forest official. The Theppakadu elephant camp houses 27 tamed elephants, including a calf.