Aggressive Kumki to Return ‘Home’ for Mating Season


The New Indian Express

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COIMBATORE: It is time for 34-year-old ‘Paari’ the kumki elephant, that was brought to keep wild jumbos at bay, to go back ‘home’ to Kozhikamudhi elephant camp in Topslip. Forest officials have decided to relocate Paari, as he has turned aggressive recently, probably due to musth, as it is the season for mating.

Paari was brought to Chadivayal kumki camp to chase away wild elephants entering villages in Coimbatore forest divisions.

Kumki elephant Paari at Chadivayal camp | PRAKASH CHELLAMUTHUEver since the Chadivayal camp was set up nearly three years ago, Paari did not get a chance to mate with female elephants. While in musth, he showed aggressive behaviour towards his mahouts and kavadis.

He had also turned hostile to his companion Sujay, another elephant in the camp. Hence, the forest officials have decided to relocate Paari. Sujay was brought to Chadivayal on May 14 last year from Theppakkadu elephant camp in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.

District Forest Officer, Coimbatore Division, M Senthil Kumar confirmed that the elephant would be relocated. “If Paari goes to Kozhikamudhi elephant camp, he can mate with the female elephants at the camp. Besides, there are a number of wild elephants in the surroundings of Topslip,” he said.

However, the officials are yet to send a proposal to the Chief Wildlife Warden to go ahead with their plan.

Besides, the forest department is mulling to bring two elephants that had bonded well in Kozhikamudhi or Theppakadu elephant camp to Chadivayal. The officials are likely to ask for ‘Cheran’, an elephant that was friendly with Sujay at Theppakadu.

“We are planning to bring two friendly elephants and deploy them to chase wild elephants away,” said Senthil Kumar.    

Though the department has two kumkis, they haven’t been deployed to drive away wild elephants so far. “We have received good rainfall in the last two months and as a result grass has grown abundantly in forests. There are very few chances of wild elephants straying into human habitations in Coimbatore forest division,” said the DFO.