Amazing Place…


Mercy Liloe, National Intern

Date Published

Save The Elephants Research camp is the place to be. It is filled with diverse people with diverse knowledge – a factory of knowledge in fact! What you want is just what you will get!!

I have been in the camp for five weeks and I have seen some incredible sights. The sheer number of elephants amazes me, but what really fascinates me is how the staff can recognize them at a glance. They tell stories for every elephant, which show how keen and passionate they are towards these amazing creatures.

These elephants are calm and gentle creatures who I now consider friends. They allow us to sit for hours amongst them, watching them and carrying out our business peacefully in the field. As if that is not enough we have almost daily visitors by elephants to the camp, mostly from the two amazing bulls Yeager and Sarara. Aside from elephants, we are also regularly visited by three lovely kudus, genets, dwarf mongooses, hornbills and other birds, and cheeky monkeys, who are always trying to steal a bite to eat.

The environment is so cool, and the amazing breeze from the nearby river makes the camp feel like a small heaven on earth. The nearby hill gives a nice view of the whole reserve, a beautiful landscape that I hope we will save for future visitors to enjoy.

My stay here is over but I don’t regret a thing. I have learned a lot, made friends and had a great adventure!