An arms dealer arrested in Franceville (Gabon)


Khephren Fanga, GaboNews

Date Published
The Haut-Ogooué province  has become an important area for trafficking products from fully protected species and especially elephants. For this, large caliber ammunition are required.

Ammunition dealers do not hesitate to provide ammunitions type 458 and 375, though prohibited; to some ivory and elephant poachers. This is the case of Mr Gaël ONKIA Davy who was arrested by the judicial police in the act of marketing these prohibited products (5 bulltes type 458 ) the 28th May 2014 in Potos in Franceville. This may seem small, but it is only a small proportion of the amount trafficked each month.
Following a thorough investigation, a joint mission was conducted between the Provincial Directorate of the forest , environment and protection of natural resources, the Judicial Police of the Haut-Ogooué with support from Conservation Justice in order to stop the trafficker.
Mr. Davy ONKIA Gaël, q 38 yeqr old Gabonese national was preparing to sell ammunition to potential poachers. His arrest by the police and the Water and Forests, the result of good cooperation between the two entities will surely have prevented a poaching operation in the area.
At his hearing , Mr. ONKIA refused to denounce his supplier and the buyer. After his detention, he was taken to the court in Franceville before the Prosecutor decided to place him in custody on May 30t.
The respondent faces up to three years in prison, according to Law 15/ 82 of 24 January 1983 laying down the regime of weapons and ammunition in the Gabonese Republic. Note that the sale of weapons and ammunition caliber 375 and 458 is strictly prohibited.