An Elephant Charged Arnold Schwarzenegger (Senegal)


Lamp Fall Dakar  

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Bodybuilder star Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka Terminator, became a fright on safari in South Africa when an elephant charged.

In a video posted Tuesday on Twitter, and Instagram accounts of the former governor of California, we see an elephant with his tusks open the hood of a 4×4, in which the actor was on a safari.

Short Respite

“It will hit us,” one hears in the car. The animal eventually backed down and bypassed the vehicle. “He’s just curious,” said the relieved guide quietly.

“Oh, Shit”

But the respite was short-lived. The elephant came dangerously close to the rear of the vehicle before hitting it again. “Oh shit,” one hears on the video, while the 4X4 is followed by the imposing pachyderm, which runs after it.

“Better than a movie,” Arnold Schwarzenner wrote on Instagram. He was in South Africa for an annual conference on fitness.

Schwarzzie Defends Elephants

“I am absolutely amazed by these beautiful animals. If only people would stop killing for ivory,” he said, again calling for the protection of elephants.

More than 30,000 elephants are poached annually in Africa for their tusks whose ivory is highly prized in Asia.