An Unforgiving Start


by Toby Aisbitt

Date Published

My first day with ‘Save the Elephants’ was spent finding my way around camp and meeting the team. I soon found a point of agreement with many of the guys in that Cristiano Ronaldo was overrated and English football is better off without him! Early the next morning we set off in search of elephants.

To my dismay, one of the first elephants we came across was a young, injured bull. After being shot once in the leg and again in both ears he could barely stand. I was told that the vet had already treated him twice, cleaning the wounds and removing the bullets.

Unfortunately despite these efforts, he was found lying down and unable to move just over a week later. The rangers were forced to shoot him and end his misery. This marked a harsh realisation that my time here was not going to be a series of Discovery Channel clips. This was the front line and I was going to be exposed to the harsh reality of the elephants plight as much as I would be exposed to their majesty.