Angola: Animals Counting Memos Signed


Angola Press

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Two memorandums for the stock-taking of the animal species existing in southeastern Cuando Cubango provinces protected areas have been signed between the minister of Environment and international organisations.

The agreements were signed on Monday in the locality of Dirico (Cuando Cubando) with the international organisations “Elephants without Border “, and “Panther”.

The former is about stock-taking of the existing population of elephants, their state of migrations and identification of ecological corridors, and “Panther” verses on counting of wild species of felines, including lions, cheetahs and wild dogs.

According to a press release that reached Angop on Wednesday, the animals counting operation is part of Angola’s contribution to the five southern African countries’ Kavango-Zambezi Project.

Under the 278,000 square kilometres Kavango-Zambezi Project Angola takes 87,000 square kilometres. Other parties are Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana.

The memos signed includes training in investigation and research for Angolans.

According to the source, the accords will also permit the identification of measures to mitigate the conflicts between the animals and the local communities and design a specific programme.

In the counting of the animals, airplanes and helicopters will be used, it was said.