Angola: Buffalos Found Dead May Have Been Poisoned


Angola Press

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The death of 27 buffalos in the present month, found dead in a lagoon in Jamba-Luiana locality, Rivungo Municipality, in the south-eastern Cuando Cubango Province, may have been due to poisoning, perhaps by poachers, ANGOP has learnt.

This was said by the director of the National Institute for Biodiversity and Conservation, Abias Houngo, said to ANGOP that if they did not die due to poisoning then the buffalos may have died of the foot-and-mouth disease hitting this region.

“Let us wait for the results of the tests being made by the veterinarians of the Agriculture Ministry, since this is a situation that worries us a lot (… )”, Abias Houngo said.


Mais de 20 búfalos encontrados mortos numa lagoa

The source seized the occasion to inform that four elephants were also found dead and without the ivories.