Angola: Conflicts Between Men and Elephants Take Experts to Maiombe Forest


Angola Press

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Luanda — A group of experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) are in the north of Angola, mainly in Maiombe forest, in the Cabinda Province, to mitigate the constant invasion of elephants in cultivation areas.
The information was presented Monday, in Luanda, by the executive secretary of Maiombe Trans-border Initiative, Agostinho Chicaia, who stressed that this confict has been moving some species of Angola to Congo Brazzaville and vice-versa.
The official stated that this concern will be presented to the Committee of Ministers of Trans-border Initiative, which is to meet soon in Luanda through a presentation of proposals connected to inspections of trans-border checkpoints.
With the support of FAO, he added, they are expecting to implement a kit of tools to mitigate this tension.
Augustine Chicaia, informed that the part of Mayombe forest that covers the Democratic Republic of the Congo no longer has elephants and those moving there are from Cabinda Province.
Estimated at over 290,000 hectares and considered the second “lung of the world”, after Amazon, Maiombe forest will become heritage of humanity.