Angola: Construction of Fixed Posts Contributes to Fight Against Poaching


Angola Press

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Matala: The construction of eleven fixed service stations and other infrastructures has contributed to enable the effective combat of poaching in the Bicuar National Park, in southern Huíla province.

This fact was ensured Tuesday in the municipality of Matala, Huila province, by the administrator of this natural reserve, José Maria Kandungo.

The official said that these infrastructures have facilitated the patrolling of the inspection staff, due to the notifications that reach to the administrative post of invasion of the territory of park.

Speaking to Angop, the official urged the construction of five more surveillance stations in the same park, under the program of the Ministry of the Environment, which aims to preserve natural reserves, taking into account the importance of fauna and flora in the country’s economy.

The administrator also said that it is planned to build five boreholes for drinking water for elephant herds, preventing animals from drinking on the Cunene River and destroying the plantations of the populations.