Angola: IDF Preserves Rare Species of Fauna and Flora


Angola Press

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Matala: Animals such as black buffalo, elephant, leopard and wild boar are some of the rare species of fauna considered privileged and cataloged by the Forest Development Institute (IDF), in the Bicuar National Park, southern Huíla province, preventing them from being extinguished.

Speaking to Angop, IDF director in Huíla, Henriques Suquina, said that they are working to protect and conserve these privileged species of fauna and flora, based on constant patrol actions and the installation of new inspection posts, whose fiscals inhibit poaching, burning and illegal logging.

IDF is also engaged in the control of illegal logging, in order to preserve the flora, especially of some timber species, given its importance for the country’s economy.

Henriques Suquina admitted that the local IDF is still unaware of the current state of preservation of fauna and flora in the Nature Reserve with more than 7.900 square kilometers, but he has ensured that there is no evidence of poaching, fruit of the joint work conducted by the Ministry of Environment and other public and private institutions in the region.

He said that the privileged species contained in the national parks represent added value to the fauna and urges the inspectors to redouble their patrols to avoid the extinction of their species.

The re-population of the species in the Bicuar National Park occurs naturally, and the increase in the animal population of elephants, cheetah, leopard, red crowbar, hyena and wild boars, among others, according to the source.