Angola: Over 800 Pieces of Ivory Seized in 2017


Angola Press

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Luanda: Over 800 pieces of ivory, worked in pieces of art and non-worked, were seized by the Criminal Investigation Service in Luanda in 2017.

This fact was released Tuesday by the head of the Department of Management of Biodiversity and Conservation Areas (IMBAC), Albertina Nzuzi, during the presentation of “The Inventory of Ivory 2016/2017.”

According to the source, of the seized pieces 213,661 kilograms are non-worked and another 87,000 and four are worked, which makes 300, 626 kilograms.

According to IMBAC’s head of department samples were taken for DNA study that will determine the provenance of the dead elephants.

All ivory inventoried was burned during the activities of the World Environment Day celebrations, which was marked Mondayand whose central event took place in Kissama National Park.