Animal Angles


Elleni Stephanou, Local Intern

Date Published

Spending so many hours out in the field means I have a lot of time to try to capture animals in interesting positions!

This gerenuk had been reaching out for the juicy leaves for a good 5minutes before deciding a stretch was needed!

Elephants spend the majority of their lives standing. They walk a lot, stand a lot and sometimes even run. Don’t their legs get tired? Yes. When elephants are eating they tend to rest their feet by lifting one up and resting it on their other foot, then switching that around. It’s rather funny to see big bulls doing this as their knee then juts out at an odd angle but they remain content. It is funnier still to see the very young calves trying to do the same as their balance is not yet fully developed and they often sway from side to side before toppling over!

The genet cat graced us with one very friendly visit in camp one dinner time. We managed to stroke her and get some pretty good pictures as well before she decided she’d had enough and ran into the night.