Another tusker found dead in Shimilipal (Bhubaneswar, India)


Prameya News 7

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After a few days’ lull, another tusker was found dead in the Similipal reserved forest area this morning, creating a suspicion that forest officials are not vigilant in the area while jumbos are dying or ‘killed’ frequently.

The body was found at Dundubata under Naana South Range area. The exact reason behind death of the Elephant was yet to be ascertained by forest officials. The forest staffs were informed about the tusker body by locals, according to reports.

The tusker is believed to have died 10-15 days ago and the body is emanating foul smell, said a forest official. He said the exact reason would be know after a post-mortem conducted on the body.

Notably, an elephant had died in the area a few days ago.