Arrest of an alleged ivory trafficker in Makoua (Republic of the Congo)


Vox Congo

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An alleged ivory trafficker was arrested on 11 November in Makoua in the department of Cuvette. This 35-year-old man was caught in the bag for the possession, transit, and attempted commercialization of two elephant tusks. Other ivory tusks would still be hidden.  

In addition to the seizure, three weapons of war were found at the home of the wildlife offender, following a search on this occasion, to gather the necessary evidence to prove his guilt before the judges. These weapons were modified by the latter to be passed as hunting weapons. 

This operation was the work of the agents of the national gendarmerie and the departmental direction of the Waters and forests of the Cuvette thanks to the information and support of the Project of support to the application of the law on the wildlife. 

This individual of Congolese nationality seems to be used to this destructive practice throughout the national territory, for he enjoyed a certain laxity and connections that allowed him to continually escape justice. 
This time his macabre race is well stopped and he will have to answer for these acts and pay the consequences. He faces up to five years in prison.

Given the extent of the pressure on elephants, the involvement of all to denounce traffickers to the competent authorities and the rigorous application of Congolese wildlife crime law become very important actions in the fight against poaching and wildlife trafficking.

The elephant is part of fully protected species in the Republic of Congo, as stipulated in Article 27 of the Congolese law for the protection of these wildlife species: “the import; export; the possession and transit through the national territory of fully protected species; as well as their trophies are strictly forbidden; except special derogation of the water and forest administration; for the needs of scientific research.”