Authorities seize illegal ivory, shoes declared as ceramics (Kenya)


Daniel Tsuma Nyassy, Daily Nation

Date Published

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Authorities have have seized illegal ivory and shoes declared as ceramics.

According to the Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner of Investigations David Yego two Cambodia bound containers ferrying ivory were recalled to Mombasa Port from the high seas when intelligence information indicated they were carrying the illegal cargo.

The containers had 40 ivory pieces, which means 20 elephants were killed for the tusks.

Mr Yego said the animals could have been massacred from a neighbouring country and Mombasa was being used as transit port.

However, when the pieces were scooped out of the wooden planks, they revealed marks which looked like police signs written in red ink, suggesting that the same pieces could have been fished from the store as exhibit from an earlier seizure.

Yego declined to explain the strange writings saying it was too early to say anything. He said investigations would be conducted to reveal the mysterious marks.