Baby elephant crisis in Sri Lanka – An open letter to President



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Hon. President, 

The fast of wild baby elephants, a valuable national treasure and a state property in a sorry state today. The reason for this according to ore view is the illegal business of selling baby elephant in the country. Selling of baby elephants possible only it’s there are buyers who have sufficient wealth and have interest in baying. Historical book knowledge shows that such buyers were there possessed by members of royal families and noble people. Those days elephants and tuskers have been the symbol of power and wealth. 

It cannot be said why baby elephant are rared today despite elephants and tuskers, by people develop with him themselves mentalities that associate with royalty that is more than 300 years old. Only such people will develop affinity of hunters to keep baby elephants within their possession. Such crude mentalities have vested a pathetic destiny with the baby elephants in the wild. I believe that the president will perceive this aspect by reading the news of cruelties infected on the playful baby elephants in the recent past. 

You are present caretaker who protect the country and her state property. Therefore, the prime responsibility of the protection of state property, the baby elephants is vestal in you as the President of the country. 

We have a list of people who possess baby elephants with us. In that list the name of the current owner of the baby elephant and how it was received by that person is stated briefly. I believe that you will not act following the theory that “the elephant inside the room” was not seen, in this respect. 

1. Parliament MP. Mr. Namal Rajapaksha – Two baby tuskers donation by elephant Roshan and Dewramvehera
2. Defense secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, one baby elephant. 
3. Chief Minister of Uva province, Mr. Sashindra Rajapaksa, one baby elephant – captured by Elephant Roshan. 
4. President’s sister’s husband, Mr. Thusitha Ranawaka of Deniyaya – one baby elephant. 
5. Pannipitiya, Dewramvehara, Ven. Kolonnawe Sumanagala (Ex Parliament MP of Jatika Hela Urumaya) Three baby elephants – many baby elephants who lived in this vihara premises have been sold earning millions of rupees also providing illegal licenses. 
6. Gangarama Vihara, Colombo, one baby elephant (Female) sold by Elephant Roshan & Dewramvehara. 
7. Ex. Chairman of cement corporation, Mr Sisira Paranagama one baby elephant – sold by elephant Roshan. 
8. Fort chief magistrate Mr. Thilina Gamage one baby elephant – sold by elephant Roshan 
9. Alen Methiniyarama, Colombo Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka Ex. MP. Jathika Hela Urumaya – one baby Elephant 
10. Mr. Ajith Gallege of Hokandara, Four baby Elephants one baby elephant is dead. These animals have been captured by him close to Mattala Air Port. 
11. Parliament MP. Mr. Sachin vas Gunawardana – One baby elephant – Sold by elephant Roshan 
12. Colombo, Sambodhi Vihara, 3 baby elephants – Sold by Dewramvehera and elephant Roshan at the rate of 20 Million per animal. 
13. Diyawadana Nilame Mr. Nilanga Dela – One female baby elephant – Mr. Suneth Weerasinghe of Allawa keep the animal in his custody. 
14. One baby elephant at Tissamaharamaya kept secretly in the Temple – President legalized the possession 
15. Mr. J.P.I. Kamal of Kottawa – one baby elehant selling by Dewramvehara and elephant Roshan 
16. Maharagama, Erewwala, Ali Roshan 3 baby elephants 

I. One animal wounded at his residence 
II. One animal at Millennium Elephant Foundation at Randeniya, Kegalle. 
III. The other baby elephant is with Mr. Upali Dassanayake at his safary, Randeniya, Kegalle. 

17. Mr. Suneth Weerasinghe at Alawwa has 2 female baby elephant with him. He has captured them in the forest. Three baby elephants have sucummed to wounds at his own house. He is a chief character in this elephant dealings of Nilanga Dela, the Diyawadana Nilame. 
18. Horana, proprietor of Wasana Bakers. Mr.Nandana perera – one female baby elephant sold by Dewramvehara and Elephant Rosaha for Rs. 16m 
19. Horana, Kanawila Mr. Waruna Kannangara, Two baby elephants – These baby elephants have been captured by him and Suneth Weerasinghe of Alawwa by killing their mother elephants. 
20. Weediyagoda, Mr. Sanath Hapuarachci – one baby elephant (Aselling by elephant Roshan) 
21. Mr. Pradeep Miyanapahawa the care taker of the elephant herd of the Temple of the Tooth Relic has captured a baby tusker with the help of elephant Roshan. This animal is a very rare species in the forest. He is a person who give treatments to wonded elephants captured illegally from the forest. 
22. Ruwanwella, Medagoda, Amithirigala, Mr. Samantha Wijemanna – one baby elephant (Sold by Elephant Roshant Roshan  and Mr. Suenth Weerasinghe of Alawwa. 
23. Meegoda, Attorney at low Mr. Bharatha Amaratunga – one female baby elephant (He Sold one baby elephant to Dewramvehera before) 
24. Meerigama Ms. Nilanthi Bandara – one baby elephant – sold by elephant Roshan and Suneth of Alawwa. 
25. Mawanella, Ganethenna, Mr. Buddhika Mirihella – Two female baby elephants – sold by elephant Roshan 
26. Biyagama, Mr. Deepthi Kumara – one baby elephant – sold by elephant Roshan and suneth of Alawwa. 
27. Habarana, Mr. Premasiri Kaluarachchi –one female baby elephant. He and elephant Roshan have captured from Habarana. 

In addition to this, the number of baby elephant died in the hands of these exceed 25 in number. The mother elephants killed by them exceed 12 in number.
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