Bengal: Baby elephant stuck in mud rescued after 6 hours (India)


Manogya Loiwal, India Today.

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An elephant calf was found stuck in a pond of mud near the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest in Alipurduar, West Bengal.

The baby elephant got stuck in mud while it was crossing the rail tracks near Damanpur range on Monday night.

The forest department was informed by the railway authorities after the driver of a train saw the helpless elephant struggling for life. The struggle went on till the rescue team reached the spot in the morning.

With the help of local people and a crane, the team rescued the elephant after six hours.

Rescue mission became complicated as the baby elephant was continuously surrounded by its herd.

The herd was distracted with gun shots and bursting of crackers.

A medical check-up was conducted on the spot which revealed no injuries after which the baby elephant was released into the wild.