Biodiversity Situation Deemed Reasonable (Angola)


Angola Press

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The state of biodiversity in Angola was considered Friday to be reasonable as the country still records the fully recovery of large, medium and small size animals, despite others such as buffalo, hyena and lion, to be in danger of extinction.

The fact was stressed by the head of Biodiversity Department of the Environment Ministry, António Nascimento, adding that studies on biodiversity in Angola have not been completed yet, there are still the recovery of many species and others in danger of extinction.

António Nascimento was speaking to Angop on the sidelines of the seminar addressed to the staff of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) and civilians, held on May 22, World Biodiversity Day.

According to him, the elephants, hippos, crocodiles and giraffes are the only species that are not in Red List.

Quoting biodiversity report for 2007/2012, the sources noted that in Angola there are fewer than 100 buffaloes, less than 30 chimpanzees, eight gorilla families, 50 and 100 brown and mottled hyenas, respectively, less 100 leopards, 50 lions black and white rhinoceros.

The source also blamed on deforestation, poaching, oil spill, mangrove degradation, invasive species, high population density who depend on agriculture and cattle raising, for the main threats to biodiversity in Angola.

In Angola the most hunted species include deer and wild buffalo “pacaça”.

Angola has 11 conservation areas, representing 12.58 percent of national territory.