Botswana: Fence to Address Human, Wildlife Conflict


By Thandy Tebogo, Daily News

Date Published
Rakops — Consultations are underway regarding realignment of the game proof fence dividing Makgadikgadi National Park from communal area.
Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Mr Slumber Tsogwane informed Rakops and Xere residents recently.
He said the game proof fence would be installed alongside the river to address issues of human/wildlife conflict currently taking place in Rakops, Xere, Khumaga and surrounding villages.
Minister Tsogwane however said the residents should admit that some members of the community contributed to the damage on the fence by stealing the solar panels on the fence intended to scare the wild animals away from it.
On other issues, he urged public officers to provide customers with customer service forms in government offices. All officers, he said, should have name tags when delivering government services.
He said customers should be served with utmost dignity and should be satisfied with the service provided.
The minister was responding to concerns raised by members of the community who expressed concerns that elephants were terrorising them in their fields and were even roaming streets in their villages.
The residents had also complained that the youth office in Rakops ran for two months without an officer.
An official from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Mr John Kepaletswe noted that the main attributing factor was that section B fence did not have an officer responsible for safe guarding of the fence and solar panels were therefore prone to theft.
Mr Kepaletswe informed the residents that Pandamatenga Association has engaged personnel responsible for safe guarding the fence, noting that maintenance of the game proof fence could reduce human/wildlife conflict.
He requested an increment of staff in the district and establishment of a camp in Khumaga.
Meanwhile an official from the department of roads informed residents that gravelling of Xere road was on plan.
The village development committee chaiperson Ms Bashingi Boingotlo complained of shortage of stock at Veterinary office.
Ms Boingotlo also decried shortage of medication as well as congestion at the hospital.
She also raised concern that there was no radio network in the village. In addition Ms Boingotlo called for expansion of the village post office, citing congestion.