Botswana: Ghost Chilli Scares Off Elephants


Mpho Goitsemang, Daily News

Date Published
Francistown — Residents of Matopi and surrounding areas have been implored to adapt the method of ghost chilli to scare off elephants.
In an interview along the Matsiloje border fence recently, the principal veterinary officer in the North East District, Dr Kebonyeng Makgetho said it has been proven that ghost chilli could control the movement and destruction of elephants in the area.
Dr Makgetho noted that elephants increasingly attack human settlements and encroach on their natural habitat.
He demonstrated how to use the ghost chilli to protect fields as livestock movement control has become necessary in Zone 6a and Zone 6b.
On other issues, Dr Makgetho requested the farming community to cooperate with veterinary officials in the implementation of necessary controls for the benefit of the livestock cordon fence, and to report any damage or breakages to the nearest office or police station.
He also advised the public and the farming community to contact their nearest veterinary office for information on the requirements for movement of livestock they would like to move into or out of Zone 6b.
Dr Makgetho said the movement of all cloven hoofed animals, poultry equine and game animals into and out of Zone 6b would only be allowed with a veterinary permit.
He informed residents that following the subdivision of Zone 6 into two separate zones, livestock movement restrictions now applies.
Dr Makgetho said Zone 6b was separated from Zone 6a by a veterinary double cordon fence which runs from Ramokgwebana through Bisoli to Dikgathong.
He said the movement control became necessary as the two zones were now independent and for the control of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).