Budget allocated for controlling wild elephant menace (Nepal)


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JHAPA: The government has allocated Rs 20 million in the first phase for controlling the wild elephant menace here in the district. 

The amount was released through the National Planning Commission, according to Bodhraj Subedi, Forest Official at the District Forest Office, Jhapa. 

Although the demand was made for Rs 130 million with the NPC, permission was granted for releasing Rs 8.89, Subedi added. 

The memorandum was sent to the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation through Nepali Congress lawmaker Krishna Prasad Sitaula to tame the wild tuskers wreaking havoc in Jalthal, Bhadrapur, Kechana, Haldibari and Mechinagar among other locations. 

As per the slew of control measures, a biodiversity road will be constructed from Jalthal area to Bahundandi and 80 km long electric wire fencing will be set up from Charali to Gherabari jungle. The authorities also plan on installing electric wire along 50 km stretch around the Jalthal jungle, 20 km stretch around Charali jungle and 10 km at Gherabari. 

At a press conference held on Friday, lawmaker Sitaula called for using the budget allocated for taming the elephant menace in Jhapa. He added that the budget would be useful in constructing the biodiversity road and promoting ecotourism and agrotourism.