Cameroon: Big crackle in the poaching community (Cameroon)


Armand Ougock, Koaci

Date Published

Translated from the French by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for the French original.

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Cameroon Customs seized 4 ivory elephant tusks, 2 rhino horns and a fresh panther skin in Ebolowa in the south of the country as well as 14 bales of non-biodegradable plastics whose use and manufacture have been banned in Cameroon since April 2014. 

“The loot was hidden in the trunk of a passenger vehicle,” a source said. Customs did not say whether the alleged traffickers were arrested or the country of origin of the species. 

Poaching Explosion

According to our information, this is a well-oiled network with ramifications in safe environments. Several seizures of protected species have taken place in recent years in the country. Cameroon is tending to become a new hub for international trafficking of protected species to Asian countries including China. 

Cameroon has a legal and regulatory arsenal against poaching, but poachers motivated by the lure of profit do not disarm. Traffickers are also challenging regional committees chaired by the governors of the 10 regions set up as part of the national anti-poaching strategy.