Cameroun: Four traffickers arrested with four elephant tusks and other wildlife species



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Four traffickers have been arrested for trafficking in ivory tusk, pangolin, and chimpanzee.

They were arrested during a crackdown operation carried out by wildlife officials of the Dja & Lobo Divisional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife, in collaboration with the Police and with the technical assistance of The Last Great Ape Organisation also known as LAGA.

One of the traffickers, a tire technician, was arrested with five elephant tusks including tusks from juvenile elephants. 

He was apprehended trying to sell the ivory which he hid in a plastic paper concealed in a nylon bag. Three of his accomplices including a well-known businessman in the town of Djoum were later nabbed. Two were found transporting parts of smoked chimpanzees, a pangolin carcass and some quantity of bush meat.

According to a source close to the case who spoke on condition of anonymity, the suspects belong to a wildlife trafficking ring and use their business places as a cover to trade in wildlife animals including apes, primates, pangolins and elephant tusks.

The source further declared that the suspects use their business places as a cover to trade in wildlife species including elephant, pangolin, and chimpanzee.

Elephants, pangolins and chimpanzees are listed as endangered species and are protected under the 1994 wildlife law of the country.