Elleni Stephanou, Local Intern

Date Published

Samburu has the most beautiful skies I have every seen. The ever changing winds bring in clouds of impossible shape and size giving the horizon an ever changing beauty.


weird shaped cloud


Sometimes the clouds look so comical it is as though they were painted in with a fine brush and water colour.



Watercolour sky



Other times, they are stacked so highly upon themselves that they seem to stretch out the sky itself, giving it an inconceivable depth. The sunsets are an array of colour and again the clouds cover the expanse of the sky at their own will; wispy clouds here, dense rain clouds on the horizon and pockets of candyfloss clouds there.




At night the clouds dissipate, as though to let the beauty of the stars have a turn. Now the sky is dotted with millions of stars, as though you put a blanket over your head and are peering at the specks of light that seep through the stitching.