Your Support In Action


George Mugera, Assistant Education Officer

Date Published

Outdoor learning activities such as artwork, wildlife drawings, poetry and beading complements theory-based learning offered in schools in Kenya. At our Wildlife Clubs, students have been embracing these activities and learning about wildlife conservation at the same time.

From making beautiful drawings of elephants and other animals to creating impressive beadwork, students get the opportunity to express themselves creatively while improving their awareness and understanding of the value of wildlife and their habitats.

Beading work is an integral cultural practice in the Samburu community mainly done by women and girls. Guided by the theme of “Wildlife Conservation in Schools through Artwork”, we provided materials such as cloth, sewing threads and colored beads to wildlife club members of Lderkesi primary school. The students and staff made beautiful artistic pieces ranging from signs featuring the Save the Elephants logo to bold conservation messages. At nearby Lorubae primary, children composed conservation songs and poems in the local Samburu dialect. The pupils also made elegant drawings of elephants and other wildlife further.

With your support, we plan to expand the art and conservation programme by  reaching out to more schools in Northern Kenya this year. We also plan to hold an inter-Wildlife Clubs’ competition. Stay tuned for more updates!

Lderkesi School Wildlife Club members

Lderkesi School Wildlife Club members and Matron pose with beautiful bead works

A conservation poem in local Samburu language, Lorubae primary school

A beautiful elephant drawing by one of the pupils