Commissioner of Natitingou: 56 kg of ivory seized in Tanguieta (Benin)



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The traffic of ivory.
56 kg of ivories of elephants and two motorcycles and seized three suspected traffickers arrested. It is the balance of the harvest of the muscular descent, Friday, August 22, 2014 in Tanguieta, Commissioner 2nd class Kouerou Abdelrahman police, in charge of the commissariat of Natitingou and its elements.
The suspected ivory dealers arrested are all Beninese nationality and resident in Tanguieta, a border town in the Pendjari national park, in the Department of Atacora in Benin. It comes to Lords Bawa Moussa, 46 years driver vehicle, Ali Mama Bello, age 31, dealer items and Tambere David, 20 years, apprentice welder in the locality. Their arrest was aided by the members of the Association of friends of the Pendjari (PAA). An association which works for the protection of the natural resources of the national park of the Biosphere of the Pendjari and whose President is Akpana Adamou. Informed from the night before, agents of the commissariat of Natitingou conducted a rapid descent in the town of Tanguieta for spinning the indelicate specialized in the trafficking of ivory from elephants. Around 8 hours, Friday, August 22, they broke in the homes of three traffickers. The search of their residences has brought together 56 kg of ivories of elephants slaughtered in the Pendjari national park. Two bikes used for this traffic are also entered. The 56 kg of ivory, two motorcycles and three suspected traffickers arrested, were driven to the police station in Natitingou, to be presented this Monday, August 25, the Prosecutor of the Court of first instance of the locality. Investigations are opened to find all the accomplices including poachers, buyers and even the wildlife guards involved in this trade of elephant ivory.
Hervé M. Rakesh
(Br Atacora-Donga)