Couple Injured in Elephant Attack (Bilaspur, India)


Times of India 

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A couple was injured in an attack by a wild elephant in village Udari under Lundra development block of Surguja in north Chhattisgarh on Thursday. The injured couple has been admitted to district hospital in Ambikapur. The wild elephant, a male tusker, had strayed from its herd and is wandering in the area since last week. 

The incident took place at 9pm and villagers left in panic. The injured couple, Devgan Kanwar (35) and his wife Chicho Kanwar (30) were in the house with children. After hearing the cries of panicked villagers, they also got ready to flee the house. By the time the couple came out of the house, the wild elephant had broken the house of their neighbour. It then targeted Devgan and before he could flee, it struck him with its leg. 

They were brought to their house by the villagers, who had also informed forest officials about the incident.