Creature Comforts


by Mat Beckwith International Intern

Date Published

Camp life can present some unique challenges to overcome, such as inescapable heat, tent-raiding monkeys and the ever-present danger of snakes. However these unique challenges require unique solutions.

We have a  resident hawksbill, named “Petro”. As a hawksbill he is preyed upon by snakes, so he quickly emits a warning call when he spots one; as his eyes are much keener than ours, this is often far before we would be aware of the snake. Thanks to this vigilant bird we all feel a little safer during mealtimes.

There are several troupes of vervet monkeys that live in the tree canopies above STE camp, and will raid your tent if given the opportunity. However, using the thorns of the acacia tree and some sticky-tape you can “monkey proof” your tent zipper.

Potter wasps are insects with large wings, and are ever-present in the STE camp; as they cannot sting they are not a threat as much as they are an annoyance! Rather than using insect repellent to keep these wasps away, the small air currents generated by their wings are great for keeping you cool.

So as long as you are resourceful, you can turn what would otherwise be considered a nuisance (thorns, wasps, squawking birds) into an advantage. This is just one of the many valuable lessons to be learned at STE camp.