Cyanide Increasingly used in Zimbabwe to poach elephants.


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The Environment Management Agency has found that cyanide is being used to poach elephants in western Zimbabwe and at least 10 companies have been found to be transporting the lethal substance illegally.

Authorities are trying to make it harder to get hold of cyanide in Zimbabwe where eight elephants have been killed with the poison in recent weeks.

This may explain why poachers are able to get cyanide so easily.

The Chronicle is reporting that since January the Environmental Management Agency has fined 10 companies in Bulawayo for transporting cyanide without a permit.

Other firms were fined for selling the poison without a license.

In the past cyanide killings have peaked around the end of the year, in 2013 more than 200 elephants were killed this way in Hwange National Park.

A US-based organisation, Air Shepherd, said last week it would step up the use of drones in Hwange to track down poachers who plan to use cyanide to silently kill elephants.