Death of jumbo: search for accused intensified (India)


The Hindu

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The forest officials have intensified search for the offenders in the electrocution of a wild elephant at Ramapuram thanda of Ramakuppam mandal of Kuppam division. Special teams are being dispatched to take the suspects into custody.
The special officer had also ordered an inquiry into the incident. The forest officials told The Hindu on Saturday the accused have left their respective hamlets following the incident. “We have already verified some names and inquired into the habitual trespassers into the forest for hunting purposes,” the official said. Meanwhile, a 10-member herd was spotted at Kollavanka of Narayanapuram beat in Kuppam forests, while two elephants had left the herd and crossed into Tamil Nadu side. The watchers reported to the monitoring officials that the herd was slowly moving towards Nanyala forest belt.
Sigh of relief
The officials heaved a sigh of relief as the herd, which created pandemonium over the death of their member, had left the mishap site as against the regular custom of lingering there for days.