Divo: An Elephant Ravaging Crops and Village Populations Plantations (Ivory Coast)


Fraternite Matin Abidjan

Date Published

Their spokesman Soungalo pleaded, saying: “Mr. Mayor, we are tired and are forced to transport our cacao harvested in the village, for fear that the elephants lurking in our area does not eat it. This animal has devastated our crops and plantations. We are hungry. Help us make this elephant leave.”  

Divo: An elephant ravaging crops and village populations plantations

Village populations of Yobouékro, Claironkkro, and around Datta located 5 kilometers from Divo Divo on the Hiré-axis no longer know where to turn. Indeed, for almost a year, a stray elephant continues to cause them misery. They expressed this to the mayor of the village of Divo, Dr. Koffi Kouakou Amadeus, at a meeting in Yobouékro.

The mayor of the town of Divo, Dr. Koffi Kouakou Amadeus, was very touched by the comments of the affected population and he has promised to ask the competent authorities about the matter. This elephant who was the object of curiosity of the population, has become undesirable in Divo today because of the damage it causes in plantations and fields of the areas it travels.

From time to time, it bathes in a pond on the edge of the main road leading to Hiré. Victims continue to complain to the forestry authority of  Divo about the damage caused by this elephant, which begins to disturb the sleep of brave peasants from Yobouekro, Claironkro, Datta, and surroundings.