Divo: The presence of an elephant around a village concerned authorities (Ivory Coast)


Fraternite Matin Abidjan

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The elephant comes to drink from time to time in a pond at the edge of the great road to Datta.

Divo: The presence of an elephant around a village has the authorities concerned
For more than three months may be an elephant wanders lost in the forest on the way Divo-Hiré about 7km Divo near the village of Datta. Initially, an object of curiosity for the people of Divo who went to see this animal and once even posed pictures with him in the forest, his presence is beginning to worry the administrative authorities. For this solitary elephant continues to ravage the fields and plantations of the farmers.
During a meeting with the people Tuesday, August 4 in the prefecture conference room as part of preparations for the 55th anniversary celebrations of our independence, regional prefect, prefect of the department of Divo, Kpan Droh Joseph said he grabbed the various ministries of the presence of an elephant in the town of Divo. And he is still waiting for decisions to be taken to rid the forest of the village of Datta of this animal. He then made ??the appeal to the people: “I ask you to avoid approaching the elephant… it can overnight be furious.”
As for the departmental director of Water and Forests Divo, Commander Daniel Bally Konan, said he had made ??his hands and feet to find a solution to the presence of this animal. But in vain. And the officers and he had to monitor and secure this beast comes to raw. L’éléphant drink occasionally in a pond at the edge of the great path that leads to Datta.