Drive on to Stop Jumbos (India)


By Express News Service

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SUNDARGARH: The forest officials were on their toes as efforts were underway to prevent two elephant herds from entering the district headquarters town on Tuesday evening. The herds were spotted in Luhuradipa and Kinjirma forest under Sadar forest range.

Sundargarh Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Arjun Behera said a herd of 16 to 17 elephants was divided into two groups and one group of 11 elephants including three baby elephants were present near Luhuradipa on the outskirts of Sundargarh town. Another group of five to six elephants was last found near Kinjirma forest, about seven kms from Luhuradipa, Behera said.

Forest officials were trying to keep the animals away from Sundargarh town, he added.