Drought drives wild elephant out of forests in Bueng Kan (Thailand)


National News Bureau of Thailand

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A wild elephant in the Phu Wua Wildlife Reserve was on a rampage to find water and food at a village in Bueng Kan province on Sunday. A Para rubber farm was damaged. 

Official from the Phu Wua the Phu Wua Wildlife Reserve Paisit Patthum said the dry and barren conditions of the Phu Wua mountain made the elephant go out of the forests to find water and food. The elephant was now hiding at Wat Pa Thammamongkol Temple two kilometers away from the village, said the official.

The official therefore warned the local people and those who tapped rubber trees at night to be extra vigilant. He added that officers would try to make the elephant quickly return to the forests.

In Songkhla, staff of the Songkhla Zoo has sprayed water onto bird cages and other emclosures where more than 1,200 animals are kept. Spraying water can help cool down the animals.