Education Programme


by Shivani Bhalla

Date Published

Education Party 2005 We held our first Annual Education Party on Saturday the 26th of March. A few students started arriving a couple of days prior to the party and assisted with the arrangements.

Schools closed on the 23rd and 24th of March before the Easter weekend. We were thrilled to have 13 students attend our party. Unfortunately, 3 were unable to attend. Daniel and I gave them presentations on the work that is being carried out at STE. They observed how elephants are tracked via the internet.

After watching a couple of wildlife films, the prize-giving began. The Best Student prize was awarded to Anthony Lekoitip who recently completed his KCSE exams. A prize was also awarded for Best Current Student to Sangale Lemedeket. Sangale is now in Form 2 in Maralal High School and has repeatedly come first in his class. Most Improved Student prize was awarded to Patina Lemooli. All students were provided with educational books, including wildlife conservation ones. Daniel, Sumaro and I gave speeches to everyone. We were very happy to have the Chief of West Gate attend our party.

The Senior Warden of Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Mr. Mohamed Tubi also attended with the Councilor of Isiolo and other colleagues. Mr. Anthony Leaduma, the acting Clerk of the Samburu County Council, was also present and congratulated each student. After lunch, Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton spoke to the students, after which, we all headed out into the field. We spent a few hours with a number of elephant families and the students were then dropped off to Archers Post. The Education Party was a very successful event. It was a great opportunity for all students to meet one another, as well as for Iain and Oria to meet them. Current Students We have 3 new students enrolled under our Scholarship Programme. Mohamed Gololcha is a young Borana boy who lives in Isiolo town.

Mohamed excelled in his KCPE exams where he got 402 marks. He is now in Form 1 in Nkubu High School, one of the best schools in Eastern Province. Harrira Adan is a young Borana girl also living in Isiolo. Harrira is in Form 1 in St Mary’s Girls Secondary School in Isiolo. Bernard Lekurana is from Kiltamany village, adjacent to Samburu National Reserve. Bernard studied in Lpus Leluai Primary School where he was the top student in Standard 8. He is now studying in Maralal High School. Past Students Four students have recently completed their education under the Scholarship Programme.

Anthony Lekoitip was the best student in the District and achieved an A- grade. Anthony’s home town of Archer’s Post celebrated when the news came out. Anthony would like to study medicine in the future, however will not be enrolled into university until 2007. Plans are underway to have Anthony has an intern at STE. Sadhia Hassan also completed her secondary education from St Mary’s Girls Secondary School. Sadhia did really well and got a B- grade. Sadhia would like to study Commerce in the future. Rosemary Lengunai from Kiltamany village completed her education at Moi Girls School in Maralal. Rosemary got a plain C grade in her KCSE exams. She would like to be involved in Ecotourism and the Hospitality industry.

Plans are underway to have Rosemary gain some tourism experience at the Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu. Josephine Nuria completed her 1 and a half year nursing course early this year. She is awaiting her results, and in the meantime will resume work as a Senior Nurse at the Archers Post Health Centre. Ol Donyiro visit On the 4th of March, the STE team visited Ol Donyiro in Isiolo District. The objective of the trip was to locate the elephant corridor that runs near the town and to initiate links with the local people. This corridor is the most vital elephant migratory corridor between Samburu and Laikipia, where over 4000 elephants pass through each year.

After locating the corridor, we visited Ol Donyiro Primary School. We met the headmaster and teachers of the school and also had a chance to meet and talk to a number of young Standard 1 students. They had had a traumatic experience a few days prior to our visit, where they were chased by a young bull elephant on the way to school. Future plans include working with schools located near elephant corridors. We will definitely be selecting a student from Ol Donyiro Primary at the end of the year during the next student selection.

School Surveys A donation has recently been made to support primary schools in our area. I did two surveys in March in Kiltamany and Attan Primary Schools. Kiltamany Primary adjacent to Samburu National Reserve is in need of an administrative block. Attan Primary was destroyed in October 2004 by strong winds. The roof with frame was blown almost 150 meters away from the main building. Immediate repairs for the school are required, with the intention of re-opening in May 2005. STE and EWS aims to support both schools.

Kiltamany Primary School Attan Primary School If you are interested in sponsoring a child, making a donation towards a school or donating school materials, please contact: Shivani Bhalla, Education Officer on [email protected] here to read this update with pictures.