Elderly man injured while praying before wild tusker in (India)


Rashmi Drolia, Times of India

Date Published

RAIPUR: Amid north Chhattisgarh majorly affected with movement and attacks of elephants, now herd of six elephants was spotted at Pithora region in Mahasamund district which has attacked an elderly man on Wednesday.

While presence of such number of elephants isn’t very common and it’s only from last year that the tuskers have been frequenting in small herds in the region, people flock around them and pay obeisance, oblivious to the danger.

According to information, when the herd of tusker reached near Thakurdiakala, people started following it and 60-year-old Ramchandra Dhruv approached elephants and started praying before them not to hurt anyone.

Sensing danger, an elephant got aggressive and taking Ramchandra on its trunk threw him on the ground. He sustained back injuries and was rushed to primary health care centre.

Forest officials said that locals were being continuously alerted and advised to keep away from wild tuskers and not follow or tease them. Meanwhile, compensation for the injured man wasn’t decided but officials assured that would be taken care of.

Chief minister Raman Singh on Tuesday during a press briefing had also mentioned that elephants have ventured in forests of Chhattisgarh after about 1000 years and as they can’t be chased away, locals and villagers need to learn to accommodate with them without intruding into their zones.