Electronic fence installed to protect elephants (Vietnam)


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??K L?K – The Natural and Cultural Reserve in the Central Highlands Province of ??k L?k has completed building an electronic fence around the reserve campus to protect the habitat of elephants.

Hu?nh Trung Luân, director of the reserve, said an electronic fence was set up within 14 days with the support of technical staff of Vi?t Nam-based Animals Asia.

The electronic fence, with capacity of between 6.4kw and 8.4kw, will cover an area of some 6,000 sq.m. of the reserve, releasing the elephants from an iron leash and helping them integrate into nature.

The fence has a length of 1,320m, including five iron pillars and had four electronic lines, with 220V power lines and two large capacity batteries backup, which could cause panic for the elephants but not threaten their lives.

Luân said the electronic fence had been used effectively at many animal reserves around the world and would help the animals move freely and comfortably.

Currently, there are two wild elephants in the reserve.

In February 2014, a five-year-old male elephant was found trapped in a forest in the province. Its left foot was seriously injured and ivory was nearly fractured. The animal, named Jun, was treated and raised by the reserve.

This April, a one-year-old elephant was rescued by the reserve’s staff. It was found trapped under a well. The animal was named Gold and has been living in the reserve since then.